Review Scores

Some of you may be wondering what each of the scores I assign to my reviews actually means.  Here’s a breakdown of how I interpret each point on the famous 10-point scale.  Not quite sure how well this aligns with other outlets, but it’s what I’m working with for the time being.  I may also do “half-scores” (i.e. 7.5) if I feel that a game doesn’t quite hit the next level, but is better than the previous level.

Also, just an important note: 7s and 8s ARE NOT bad scores!!!

Phew…Now to go and give <insert super-popular critically acclaimed game here> a 4 and let the “CLICKBAIT!!!” comments roll in!  :J

1: Absolutely atrocious.  Nothing redeemable whatsoever.  Avoid at all costs lest it gains sentience and attempts to destroy civilization.

2: Bad.  Like finding a needle in a haystack.  If I look really carefully, I can see faint glimmers of potential, but I have much better things to do than sticking my hand in and waiting for it to get stabbed.  A complete slog from start to finish.

3: Unpleasant.  It’s kind of like when I’m watching a movie with my friends and one of them farts.  It’s not the most enjoyable experience, and I can’t wait for it to be over, but I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel.

4: Below average.  I mean, you could have at least gone for mediocrity, right?  This one’s kind of the opposite of a 6.  Basically, a game that does almost nothing to stand out, and the things it does do mostly just hamper the experience.

5: Average.  Middle of the road.  Does nothing overly extraordinary, but also nothing particularly offensive.  I guess one could do a lot worse, but one could also do a lot better.

6: Above average.  It would be wholly unremarkable, were it not for one or two great ideas that raise it just above the threshold of mediocrity.  Not all that good, but there could be an audience for it if they’re willing to look past all the stuff that doesn’t stand out.

7: Good.  It’s…IZ ‘AIGHT.  There are some definite flaws that cannot be ignored, but the game was still capable of showing me a good time.

8: Great.  It has a few quirks that may be considered “turn-offs”, but was still enjoyable enough that I was more than happy to stick with it.

9: So close to perfect.  Just barely misses the mark thanks to one or two irritations or concerns.  Something that I would recommend to someone with a light caveat, but nothing substantial.

10: As Mary Poppins put it, “Practically perfect in every way”.  The best of the best.  It’s not flawless (nothing ever is), but it has such minor issues that they barely even register in the grand scheme of things.  A game that, if I had my way, everyone would at least try out.