Vaporum’s Little Puzzles Cause Big Accessibility Issues

Developer: Fatbot Games, s.r.o.
Publisher: Fatbot Games, s.r.o.
Played on: PC
Release Date: September 28, 2017
Played with: Mouse & Keyboard
Paid: $0 (Key provided for coverage)

If only steampunk augments were real…

If you’ve played Legend of Grimrock, sitting down with Vaporum will practically be second nature. It utilises a tile-based movement system with real-time combat, and focuses on exploration, puzzle solving, monster fighting, and loot collecting. Key differences include a streamlining of combat (spells can be cast with hotkeys instead of inputting specific ruin combinations), the removal of parties (you’re all on your own here), and a switch to a steampunk setting. The latter of those is what really makes Vaporum stand out, with its mechanical arachnids, steam-powered suits of armour, and decidedly old-school weaponry.

Read the full article here. [GameSpew]

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